Our IVXX pure concentrates, including Shatter, Wax, and Oil, are all produced in our innovative and extremely advanced extraction labs, which utilize custom-designed, state of the art equipment. Every product is tested and held to the highest standards, ensuring the purest, most consistent and highest quality possible.

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A translucent, amorphous solid, almost entirely composed of terpenes and acidic cannabinoids. Much like precious stones, Shatter is graded by its characteristics of color and clarity. In addition its flavor and therapeutic effect.

An opaque, stable, fully crystallized extract, in which each strain’s luscious bouquet of terpenes are concentrated into a robust and succulent experience.

A translucent, purified, and concentrated oleoresin, that showcases terpenes and cannabinoids in their fully-activated form. These oleoresins are amongst IVXX’s most medicinally potent products.

  • Cadillac Purple Shatter

    Cadillac Purple

    Cadillac Purple Shatter

    Cadillac Purple

    Cadillac Purple is a heavy indica strain that is popular among patients seeking full body relaxation and pain relief without the cerebral effects. The aroma is like a sweet perfume with a very subtle after taste.

    • THC: 78.00
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  • Sorbet-06

    Sunset Sorbet


    Sunset Sorbet

    A cousin to GSC is Sunset Sorbet, a Sativa-leaning hybrid with intoxicatingly potent effects. Sunset Sorbet exhibits a soft, full-body effect combined with an intense cerebral energy. Sunset Sorbet has an intricate aroma with notes of skunky citrus, sweet berry, and that candy-like smell reminiscent of its Girl Scout Cookies cousin.

    • THC: 79.30
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